Being an avid fan of the Affordable Art Fair, Red Periscope once again bring you a quick trip around this Autumn edition.

We also managed to steal a few minutes with the very talented, observant and beautiful Camilla Hewitson, Fair Director (Autumn) / Regional Managing Director Asia, Affordable Art Fair

Check out the video below:


Artists at Phunk Studio / Gallery: Art Seasons
Affordable_Art_Fair_002 Affordable_Art_Fair_003
Artists: Wowall / Gallery: Art Seasons
Affordable_Art_Fair_004 Affordable_Art_Fair_005
Artist: Stuart Hartley / Gallery: Mark Jason Gallery
Affordable_Art_Fair_006 Affordable_Art_Fair_007
Above 2 works by Gallery: The Art Fellas
Gallery: standARTe
Artist: Zara Merrick / Gallery: Will’s Art Warehouse
Affordable_Art_Fair_013 Affordable_Art_Fair_014
Above 2 works from Gallery: Nanman Art Gallery (Booth 2C-06)
Affordable_Art_Fair_015 Affordable_Art_Fair_016 Affordable_Art_Fair_017
Check out & participate in this very cool art installation by WOWWOWWOW
Working with emerging local artists, visitors to the project space can engage in the process of construction and deconstruction with clay and plaster pieces to express and reflect their dreams and aspirations for a Singapore set in the future.
Artwork title: Mirage  by: InKyo Back
Affordable_Art_Fair_019 Affordable_Art_Fair_020
“Art for Fund” activity, visitors are invited to co-create an artwork with patients of the Institute of Mental Health. For just $10, participants can imprint and create designs on pieces of clay, to create mini artwork coasters. These clay pieces will then be brought back to IMH, where patients will complete the creative process by glazing each unique design with oxides. Participants can then collect their coasters at CHAT Hub @ Scape after 15 Dec 2015.

Visitors will also be able to visit the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund booth to view a beautiful and startling exhibition of photography works by young people with first episode psychosis.

Being interested in the discipline of Art Therapy, I was also pleasantly surprise to know that Dr Ong Say How from IMH, will also be conducting an Art Therapy talk on Friday 6 Nov, 730-815pm, Art Education Space, Level 2, Paddock 3 (Room C).

Artist: SungYung Hong / Gallery: LYNN Fine Art Gallery
One of the more thoughtful piece which caught my eyes.
Artist: SungRyong Hong / Gallery: LYNN Fine Art Gallery
Another very original “Tissue” art by artist: Frayn Yong @ Harper’s Bazaar booth space
Surprise to see the work of Om Mee Ai, winner of UOB Painting of the year 2014 / Gallery: Forest Rain Gallery (Booth 3D-11)
Affordable_Art_Fair_025 Affordable_Art_Fair_026
A masterful overlay of threads. One of my favourite work….very inspirational.
Artist: Hayun Choi / Gallery: La Lanta Fine Art (Booth 3D-12)
Artist: Mandy Tay / Gallery: Galerie Belvedere (Booth 2A-20)
Gallery: ArtTag Circle (Booth 3D-05)
Affordable_Art_Fair_029 Affordable_Art_Fair_030
Live Art demo, Artist: Nicola Anthony / Gallery: Lakeer Gallery Space (Booth 02-05)


Affordable Art Fair 

Public days
Thursday 12 November                            12 pm – 8 pm
Friday 13 November                                 12 pm – 10 pm
Art after work  (13 November)              6 pm – 10 pm
Saturday 14 November                             11 am – 7 pm
Sunday 15 November                               11 am – 6 pm



F1 Pit Building
No. 1 Republic Boulevard


Photos & Video interview by Shade

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