Affordable art fair is back! with Mr Alan Koh (newly promoted) helming the fair as Fair Director. A great friend of Red Periscope since the first edition of AAF in 2013, we wished Alan our deepest congratulations! This fair is considerably smaller than the November edition but with 30 new galleries, 580 new artists from 40 cities around the world, regulars to the fair will find a good number of fresh works.

New galleries worth checking out are Otomy (fantastic photographic prints), Henri Purwanto’s work at Vin Gallery, Laura Arce Gallery from Argentina, Miru Kim‘s photo at Trunk gallery. We have been following Miru Kim’s photographic work, and is pleasantly surprise to find her work present at AAF. Regular participants like Marisa Keller, Art Porters are also present. Check out Arnaud Nazare’s work at Art Porter, a series of happy hippopotamus and whales. The whales caught our eyes the most, an eclectic work of sensual geometry mix with tear drop emotion, finished off with the most happy of colours. Marisa Keller will also be conducting a series of print making workshops. Check out this link for the schedule.

Being Singapore’s 50 years of independence this year, AAF has also took the opportunity to host a series of art work costing SGD$500 each, the proceeds will go to the charity Playeum. With Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s recent passing, there are also a few interesting pieces of artwork paying tribute to the great man.

Do visit the fair early, it is on until this Sunday, 19 April 2015!

affordable art fair 2015

SHD_4949 SHD_4951 SHD_4956
SG 50 wall of Charity
SHD_4959 SHD_4960
Artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga, represented by Art Porters Gallery

SHD_4969 SHD_4974SHD_5085

arttag circle
Gallery Owner Danny Yeo, Arttag Circle

Artist Xie Fan, who exhibits at Art Stage, created pieces specially for Arttag Circle to present at AAF.
We especially like the mood of this piece, oil on silk.
More works by artist Xie Fan
SHD_4975affordable art fair 2015
Ms Molly Zalani’s work… her vision of what a flower in heaven should look like. Happy.SHD_4983
Ms Laura Arce, Laura Arce Gallery

Paper cut work at Laura Arce Gallery

Galerie GAIA, We like how family love is interpreted by artist Oh Soon-Hwan
Gaia Gallery

SHD_4995 SHD_5005
Artist Miru Kim’s work, represented by Trunk Gallery

Ms Marisa Keller, Marisa Keller Gallery
Fun Art Gallery

Ms Nikki Finch, Otomy Gallery… the photographic pieces exhibited alot of meditative space for thoughts.  
Vin Gallery, Artist Henri Purwanto from Indonesia uses surrealism to address how humans are destroying our own habitat.
affordable art fair singapore 2015
Gaga Gallery, artwork by Buddhist Monk Bup Kwan
artwork by Buddhist Monk Bup Kwan
Degree Art, artwork by Sophie Derrick. We like the layers of tension built up in this piece.
Cabaleiro Atelier & Art School, Artist Gillian Duncan drew this depiction of Singapore, as an ever changing construction landscape.
Mr Alan Koh, Fair Director, Affordable Art Fair Singapore


Affordable Art Fair 

17-19 April 2015

Friday, 17 April                                     12 – 6 pm

Saturday, 18 April                                11 – 8 pm
Sunday, 19 April                                   11 – 6 pm


F1 Pit Building
No. 1 Republic Boulevard


Photos by Shade
Text by Erwin T

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