Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair (Spring 2016), a bi-annual “ritual” for Red Periscope to visit, we bring you on quick visual showcase of the works that caught our eyes.

Affordable Art Fair Affordable_Art_Fair_002
“Bean” there, done that
Affordable_Art_Fair_003 Affordable_Art_Fair_004
Nine Gallery
Cabaleiro Atelier & Art School
Affordable_Art_Fair_006 Affordable_Art_Fair_007  Affordable_Art_Fair_009 Affordable_Art_Fair_010
Art Front Collective
Affordable_Art_Fair_011 Affordable_Art_Fair_012
Art Porters
Affordable_Art_Fair_013 Affordable_Art_Fair_014
Contemporary Art Australia
Affordable_Art_Fair_015 Affordable_Art_Fair_016
Retrospect Galleries and DECORAZON Gallery
Affordable_Art_Fair_017 Affordable_Art_Fair_018 Affordable_Art_Fair_019
Palma Arte
Sol Art Gallery
Affordable_Art_Fair_021 Affordable_Art_Fair_022
Viet Euro Art Studio
Affordable_Art_Fair_023 Affordable_Art_Fair_024 Affordable_Art_Fair_025
The Elephant Parade
Affordable_Art_Fair_026 Affordable_Art_Fair_027 Affordable_Art_Fair_028 Affordable_Art_Fair_029 Affordable_Art_Fair_030 Affordable_Art_Fair_031 Affordable_Art_Fair_032 Affordable_Art_Fair_033
Very original and inspiring work by Max Zorn who creates lightboxes with packing tape and a scalpel on acrylic glass.
Affordable_Art_Fair_034 Affordable_Art_Fair_035 Affordable_Art_Fair_036 Affordable_Art_Fair_037
Fund raiser for the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund
GACI / Prak-sis

Public days:
Friday 22 April                 12pm – 6pm
AAFter Glow Evening     6pm – 10pm

Saturday 23 April             11am – 8pm

Sunday 24 April               11am – 6pm

Photos by Shade

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