Room hopping around Pan Pacific Hotel, we bring you a quick tour around Bank Art Fair.

Gallery Yonaluky

 SHD_3124 SHD_3126Min Yue Pottery Gallery

 SHD_3131 SHD_3133
Ishigawa Gallery

 SHD_3136 SHD_3137 SHD_3140 SHD_3142
Chung Jark Gallery

SHD_3159 SHD_3160 SHD_3161Yu KA RI Gallery

 SHD_3164 SHD_3166
Sculpture Society Singapore

VIN Gallery

Byardate (artist) explains the use of orange yellow combination symbolises the sun rays, of hope that Mr Lee Kuan Yew brought to Singapore.
We love the colours and energy that Byardate employs in his paintings. You feel this very strong character… an emotional connection through his abstract eye and determine heart.
Artist: Byardate / TAW WIN Art Gallery


Bank Art Fair

Public days
Saturday 21 November                            1 pm – 8.30 pm
Sunday   22  November                           1 pm – 8.30 pm


Pan Pacific Hotel
7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square,
Singapore 039595


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