Chinese Culture Week (CCW), an exciting new ‘Business meets culture’ platform inspired by Chinese traditions and lifestyle will take place from 9 – 13 September 2016 with some exhibition running until 28 September.

Spearheaded by Camellia Culture & Business Centre in partnership with the China Culture Centre and DesignSingapore Council, CCW aims to raise awareness about the rich tapestry and evolution of the Chinese heritage in a modern and engaging way. The first of its kind, CCW’s vision is to promote intercultural exchange while building industry relationships between countries by showcasing a range of international brands and creative works within a fun yet cohesive programme.

CCW will present a series of activities in a programme that has been conceptualised to allow its audience to experience the different facets of Chinese culture and history through fashion, photography, performances and discussions.

photo by Chinese Culture Week

Check out the details of the events happening at Chinese Culture week at

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