Chronicle Erotica explores into the art and non-art, silent and energy, tension and stillness, as well as ethnic and intellectual. It is an marriage of rope art (kinbaku, shibari) with dance and performance art.

Japanese Rope bondage is often called Shibari or Kinbaku, terms used interchangeably by the Japanese. Shibari literally means “to bind” and Kinbaku means “tight binding”. The word Shibari came into common language more recently, and outside the erotic world it does not necessarily identify a form of Bondage.

In Shibari the emphasis is not placed on the binding itself, but on how the rope is placed from the Rigger (in japanese kinbakushi), so as to become an extension of his hands, and on the relationship of intimacy so created. In short, the Japanese bondage concerns more the path that leads to the final result, than the result itself.

Kinbaku, unlike the Western bondage, is not a practice, but a real discipline, which involves what the Japanese call “kokoro”, i.e. “the heart, spirit and mind”, things can not be acquired through the mere knowledge of techniques and knots.

Today Japanese Bondage is not only a form of sadomasochistic constraint, but has become a real artistic expression, where the Rigger creates a sculpture by shaping the human body through ropes.

Shibari has a strong presence in the works of some renowned contemporary artists, mainly photographers, like Nobuyoshi Araki in Japan, Jim Duvall in the United States and Hikari Kesho in Europe.

SHD_6876 SHD_6927 SHD_6937  SHD_6962 SHD_6963 SHD_6990 SHD_7032 SHD_7049 SHD_7063 SHD_7075 SHD_7076 SHD_7086 SHD_7156 SHD_7163 SHD_7167 SHD_7181 SHD_7191 SHD_7211 SHD_7241  SHD_7392 SHD_7420 SHD_7492 SHD_7496 SHD_7500 SHD_7571 SHD_7579 SHD_7597 SHD_7600 SHD_7629 SHD_7636 SHD_7642 SHD_7691 SHD_7706 SHD_7714 SHD_7716 SHD_7727 SHD_7788 SHD_7791 SHD_7817 SHD_7822 SHD_7864 SHD_7872 SHD_8002

Rope Art: Subay
Performer: Kai Eng & Shawn Chua
Curator: Yuzuru Maeda
Photos by: Erwin Tan
More photos at Red Periscope’s facebook page

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