What is Art ?

Art can be everything for me. It is a personal emotion, an unexplainable feeling inside . Art is when someone makes a visual expression, that makes he or her feel special from within. Food and fashion, nature, architecture, music can be Art , and many more other disciplines. It bring people together from all origins without any restriction. Its a melding world that can go over the years.

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My inspirations 

Art is my life. Everywhere I am, look, smell, eat, feel, observe could be my inspirations.

It started in South-Africa more then 20 years ago. I was trying to capture the racial problem in one little men. I wanted them all equal. Although with a square hat, because I think we are all indoctrinated .

But in the mean time ,back in Belgium, it is the entire world that I try to capture in my work. I am fascinated by people who work together for a better world. Not always easy to stay positive about this, but I still keep on trying.

My work environment

My work environment is quit clean and I am working at this moment alone , (but this will change in the nearby future), except from people who are preparing my panels and plexi boxes, I am surrounded by family who are all very excited by my work. I am living in a small town , my workplace is in the country side of the town GEEL, 35mins from Antwerp.

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My sense of observation 

If you look at my work, you will know that I enjoy it alot. I can talk with my Boman. They also give me the feeling I am one of them. Of course I like to observe people, going to town,or at places where there is a lot of people is really inspiring. Also what happens in the world. Theatre pieces are very often inspiring par ex, Sidi Larbi Sherkaoui.

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The rest of my life

For sure I will play with my little men till the end. I can put all my emotions in this little figures, they show me where to go and it is mostly the right way.


I first came into contact with Daisy Boman’s work at Affordable Art Fair (Singapore 2o14). Her work touched me alot, there is alot of life and tension in her little figures. How she translate her sensitive observations into works of emotions really fascinated me. Do visit her website at http://www.boman.be Miss Daisy Boman is represented by Ode to Art Gallery in Singapore.

– Erwin T


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