A split hundredth of a second, 0.25s to be exact, defined eternal glory.

Mr Joseph Isaac Schooling, aged 21, created history by beating the most accomplished Olympian Michael Phelps to the 100m butterfly event at RIO Olympics 2016.

joseph schooling
Photo by Erwin T

There is a Chinese saying, “台上三分钟,台下三年功” – 3 minutes on the stage is equivalent to 3 years of off stage hard work. Joseph’s win reminded me of the virtues of discipline, hard work and focus, more than that, he had great parents who nurtured him, cultivated his sense of self-belief.

0.25s, roughly the time needed for a spark to lit a fire. How many fire has Joseph Isaac Schooling lit? Has it sparked anything in you?

Erwin Tan
Red Periscope


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