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SHD_9053  SHD_9077
Bella, a face painter, conducting her mask painting workshop.
SHD_9091 SHD_9099
A multi tasking painter at work. 😉
A very well receive workshop, you see people of all race and age participating. Well done!
Visitor’s appreciating Bella’s work

SHD_9111 SHD_9115
The great Dick Lee, sharing his struggles early on in his career. Inspiring stuff!
SHD_9138 SHD_9139 SHD_9147         SHD_9214 SHD_9217
A very nice photo series by Jay Yao, I like what he shared. “The more you give, the more you can give”
SHD_9226 SHD_9227
I love the philosophy of this installation by Dan Takeda title: 心 kokoro inspired by the melting pot of culture in Singapore,
he presented his work in the style of a traditional Japanese tearoom, where everyone regardless of status has to lower themselves to enter the room.
Inside the room, all are equal.
The very talented photographer Bob Lee, a personal friend of mine who I would like to feature on Red Periscope soon.
SHD_9256 SHD_9257
A fan of  the popular Humans of New York series?
We have Humans of Singapore version here
SHD_9264 SHD_9266 SHD_9270 SHD_9271 SHD_9273 SHD_9274 SHD_9275 SHD_9280
Very impressive work by Karen Mitchell, the design agency specially planned for this rounded infrastructure
to display this very patient piece titled: Borrowed Space and Time


I chance upon this very soulful exhibition after a photography assignment. Arthur Koh from Kloo (the Creative Agency behind this campaign) first caught me peeping into the exhibition space and offered to give me a short tour. Was very much thrilled and captivated by the whole showcase as it epitomises what Red Periscope is trying to promote.

After some quick arrangement by Arthur, I spent the following day interviewing Mr Sai Tzy Horng (the Mastermind behind the whole idea) and capturing some of the happenings going on that day. Be warned, this exhibition is both a heart felt and “hard” felt exhibition. Most if not all of the stories tug at your heart strings, and the vast quantity of stories makes it “hard” to digest at one run. I had to take a short coffee break after viewing a third of the showcase, thus be prepared to spend at least 1.5-2hrs there to truly embrace the stories presented to you by the good folks at Julie’s Biscuit, the initiator of  “The Best of You” movement.

The sorrowful story of an orphan, the resilience of Dick Lee, a short and simple sentence by a proud father, the lost of a best friend from Leukemia, the challenges of a transgender, a friendship between a gentleman and his cat, a photographer’s love and appreciation for his autistic child, and the friendliest divorce shared by May and Choy Wan (very amusing read for me). I was so overwhelmed by the stories, that I had much trouble finding a starting point for this article.

After sharing this awesome exhibition with a few friends, I was asked “So what is the Best of You then?” The answer is pretty simple, I remembered writing a post on my Facebook a few years back, thanking my camera. Holding my camera automatically makes me a “better” person. I appreciate more, I notice more, I express more, I think more, I try ways and manners to cajole subjects into cooperation,which I wont normally do.

So please do visit the exhibition, it is highly recommended! Bring someone you love or appreciate along, I trust it will be a memorable experience that you would like to share.


Location: Marina Square Central Atrium
Date: 13-18 October 2015, 11am-9pm daily


this feature is brought to you by Erwin Tan (Editor of Red Periscope)

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